5 things to try if your boiler stops working

It is incredibly frustrating when your boiler stops working, you no longer have hot water or heating, and in the depths of winter your discomfort can be further amplified.

Boilers these days are complicated pieces of equipment and even though over the years they have become more reliable, they can still unexpectedly stop working. Many times you will have to call a professional and certified boiler engineer however there are some top tips that you can try yourself.

Low water pressure

Your boiler should have a dial on it showing the current water pressure, this pressure should be between 1 and 2 bars. If the pressure drops below an operational value your boiler will stop working. The fix for this is to locate the flexible looped pipe usually beneath the boiler. Here you will find two taps, open them whilst keeping an eye on the pressure dial. Once you are between 1 and 2 bars, close them both. Your boiler should now switch on

Frozen condensation pipe

In the winter months condensation pipes can freeze, this can prevent the gases escaping from the boiler and with the many safety features of boilers, they will stop working. If this happens and you can see that the condensation pipe is frozen, use a hair dryer and gently heat the pipe, you will see exactly when the ice melts.

Check for power

Your boiler will have its own power supply and most boilers have some kind of digital display or status lights. Check your boiler to see if there is power. If there isn’t, check that it is switched on and if not check the fuse where it is connected.

Has the boiler locked?

Sometimes if there is a minor fault the boiler may lock out. Most boilers have a display where the status and any errors are displayed. Have a look at the display, make a note of the error code and switch the boiler off. Wait a few seconds and then switch it on again. If the fault was a one off it will switch back on again and start to work, if not and the fault is still displayed, you will need to call a professionally qualified boiler engineer.

Check the thermostat

If your boiler is still providing you with hot water but your central heating is not working check your thermostat. It may be turned down, a good check it to listen out for a click as you turn it, this is the switch on point that will depend on the ambient temperature of the room. If your thermostat is a wireless unit, check and replace the batteries if required.

If these 5 fixes don’t work, your boiler fault may be more serious and you will have to call a professionally qualified boiler engineer to investigate and fix the problem.

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