Top 5 tips to keep your home gas safe

Have an annual Gas Safety Check

By law a landlord must have an annual gas safety check on renting properties and although it is not law for homeowners, it is highly recommended that one is carried out regardless. Gas can be dangerous if there is a leak or if faulty gas appliances produce carbon monoxide so having the peace of mind ensures that your health and your family’s health is protected. During an inspection, a gas safe qualified engineer will check your gas pipes and will also complete a gas tightness check to ensure there are no leaks. An average gas safety check will normally take around 30 minutes and you will receive a gas safety certificate.

Check your plumber’s Gas Safety identification

Whenever you have any work completed on your gas boiler or gas appliances, it is imperative that they are current gas safe engineers. Annual time and money are spent by the engineer to ensure that they are sufficiently trained in gas appliances and having that gas safe registration will ensure that your health is not put at risk. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their identification, a reputable and qualified gas safe engineer will not take offense to you requesting to see identification.

Book an annual boiler check

Along with your annual gas safety check book in the engineer to provide you with an annual gas boiler check. Most engineers will offer both together but completing an annual boiler check will not only ensure that your boiler is operating correctly and efficiently, but will also ensure that any manufacturer warranty is upheld.

Know what to do in the case of an emergency

Gas leaks and more importantly carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly, whether they silently poison us or whether a gas leak ignites into a fire, we must know what to do if we suspect a gas leak or carbon monoxide leak. Firstly, at the slightest suspicion of a leak, it is important to know where your gas meter is. All UK gas meters have a shut off value. Go to your gas meter and fully close the value, that way if there is a leak in your property you will make it safe. The next thing to do is call a gas safe qualified plumber. One that offers a 24 hour emergency service will be especially helpful if your leak happens late at night or on the weekend.

Have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted

Carbon monoxide is a clear, odourless and tasteless gas and occurs within gas appliances usually with a fault. There are no warning signs of carbon monoxide and the effects of this dangerous gas can be life threatening. Have a qualified gas safe registered engineer fit a carbon monoxide alarm to your property and rest assured that if this silent and potentially dangerous gas is present, the alarm will alert you. If this does happen then simply go to your gas meter and fully close the safety value, then call a plumber, preferably with a 24 hour emergency service.

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