What to do if you discover a burst pipe

Burst water pipes whether in the home or business or on the mains supply are an incredibly stressful occurrence as well as potentially damaging and dangerous.

Here are some steps to take if you discover water where it shouldn’t be:

1) Firstly and most importantly once you discover a water leak, turn off the mains water supply. It is your responsibility as a home or business owner to know where the mains supply is located, but more importantly, knowing where the supply is could mean the different between a little bit of damage and a lot of damage. As quickly as you can turn off the mains supply so that further damage is avoided. If the leak is before your main supply shut off then report the leak to the water provider.

2) In order to relieve any further pressure open a tap. This will allow the remaining pressurised water in the system to be expelled.

3) Call an emergency plumber as soon as you have completed both steps 1 and 2. Make sure you call a local emergency plumber that can get to you quickly. Also make sure that you call a reputable plumber like 24-7 Emergency Plumbing Ltd. We have over 10 years experience in dealing with emergency plumbing and especially leaks.

4) Whilst you are waiting for the plumbing to arrive, if there is water in your home or business start getting rid of it. Grab a mob and bucket and start mopping up the water. You don’t want water to sit in your home or business as the longer it sits, the more it will soak into floors and furnishings causing more damage.

5) If you have heaters or fans set them up and switch them on. The extra air movement and heat will help to dry the areas affected by the leak.